Lost Love Weekly Contest

If you pride yourself on putting together creative fits with stylish pieces in unique combinations, then we want to give you CASH MONEY!

We believe your drip deserves to be seen, so we’re awarding the most stylish members of the LostLove community every week.

You have a chance to express your vision, creativity, and style in front of a community that’s passionate about streetwear and fashion. 




Here’s how it works:

  1. Put together your best fit wearing one of our hats
  2. Upload up to 5 photos to your IG 
  3. Tag us @lostlovenyc and use the hashtag #lostlovecontest
  4. Each week, we choose our favorite fits and put them head to head in a battle on our stories
  5. Our community votes on the winning fit each day
  6. Each winning fit advances to the next round
  7. At the end of the week, we’ll have a “Drip of the Week” winner who gets $250 and featured on our IG, website, and email
  8. That winner also gets entered into the Final Four for “Drip of the Month”
  9. At the end of the month, we put the Final Four in a battle and the winner of that gets crowned “LostLove Drip of the Month MVP”, gets $1000 cash, and gets featured on our IG, website, and email 

Official Rules

  1. No Nudity
  2. No obscene gestures
  3. No sexual content 
  4. No mixing adidas with Nike (unless you’re Kanye)

*This isn’t an official rule, so if you think you can rock a fit mixing checks and stripes, go for it