Our Mission

Stand Out from the Noise

Streetwear has a BIG problem these days Everyone looks the SAME. We believe fashion is about expressing who you are, But somewhere down the line it became about copying the next guy. But NOT YOU. You set the trends, not follow them. You create your own drip while everyone else copies it. You’re not afraid to do your own thing. We created our hats to empower those who challenge the status quo & to stand for those who define it in there own unique way 

Honor the Past, Create the Future

While we’re all about expressing a unique perspective, we also recognize and respect the icons that came before us. Our hats take these influences and blend the old with the new, the classic with the modern. Wearing LostLove NYC shows that you’re honoring the past while creating the future at the same time.

The Difference is in the Details

In order to create a real statement piece, each LostLove NYC hat goes through the same journey. It begins with the masterful craftsmanship of premium materials. Then we add our unique designs and distinctive details. Finally, it ends up with you, where it takes on a new life adding extra heat to all your fits.